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to neutralize or absorb odor.
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To use a deodorant.
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(dē-ō′dor-īz) [″ + odor, odor]
To remove odor.
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Q. Does a women wear men's deodorant can get breast cancer? I love partying. I used to go out with my boyfriend on Saturdays to dance clubs. I am crazy about the fragrance of my boyfriend’s deodorant. One day I asked him to lend his deo to me for just one party. He said that men’s deo can cause breast cancer in ladies. I am afraid of using it. But I could not overcome my feelings. I like to try it out once, only once. Is it true that women that wear men's deodorant can get breast cancer? (I love the fragrance of Old spice!)

A. naaaa! that's just an urban myth. there isn't any difference between women's or men's deodorant. neither of them should cause breast cancer... but they both contain aluminum which is generally not good for you.

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Osmegen is showing other air fresheners and odor-control products, including Natural Magic gels, spray deodorizers, odor air magnets and fan filters.
Necessary cleanup for families with asthmatic members, or those who wish to prevent respiratory illnesses, includes getting rid of all toxic products in the household, such as fabric softener, scented detergents, shampoos, cleaners, deodorizers, etc.
While biological agents (airborne bacteria, molds, pollen, and viruses) are a major contributing factor to SBS, the other main culprits are not biological, but chemical: Formaldehyde (found in as many as 3,000 different building products, including particleboard, fiberboard, and plywood in furniture and paneling; glues; and upholstery and drapery fabrics), secondhand cigarette smoke (less prevalent since widespread bans, but still a factor), volatile organic compounds released at room temperature as harmful gases (from some furniture, paint, adhesives, solvents, upholstery, draperies, carpet, spray cans, clothing, construction materials, cleaning compounds, deodorizers, copy machine toners, felt-tip markers/pens, and correction fluids).
In the case of 2,5-dichlorophenol, a urine metabolite of p-dichlorobenzene, which is used in products such as insect repellents and deodorizers, concentrations in the 95th percentile were about 230 times higher than those found in the 25th percentile.
Kobayashi Pharmaceutical established the Chinese unit in Shanghai jointly with a local company and a Hong Kong firm in September 1998 to produce bathroom air fresheners and deodorizers for sale mainly in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing.
IAQ problems can occur when school personnel do not understand how to operate ventilation systems and when contaminants such as plug-in chemical deodorizers and art supplies are introduced into classrooms.
This merger will allow the companies to co-ordinate the international sales, marketing, fabrication and supply of vegetable oil processing systems, including equipment such as deodorizers, separators, heat exchangers and flow handling pumps and valves.
From a Christian Science Monitor on-line article datelined Kyoto, Tokyo, on Japan's $76 million hygiene market: "The clean-conscious shopper can find antibacterial toothbrushes, toilet seats, refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, pencils, floppy discs, and socks and underwear which come with built-in deodorizers. And then there's the human washing machine by the Avant Company....
The golf ball basket, for example, has golf shoe deodorizers, golf ball shaped soap, hot chocolate and a humorous book of golf tips.
Polymold injection molds thin "sneaker balls," shoe deodorizers, using a blend of virgin and recycled PET and elastomer.
Headed by Bruce Garlick, Awlessence's vice president of fragrance research, the innovation group is focused on the entire spectrum of laundry products from detergents, pods and fabric softeners to fabric refreshers, dryer sheets, and new, innovative products, including sprays and deodorizers.
The entire Pure Pooch all-natural line of shampoos for dogs are made with natural coconut-based cleansers, plant-derived conditioners, and organic-enzyme deodorizers that safely and effectively clean and yet are gentle enough for regular use.