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to neutralize or absorb odor.


To use a deodorant.


(dē-ō′dor-īz) [″ + odor, odor]
To remove odor.


to neutralize or absorb odor.

Patient discussion about deodorize

Q. Does a women wear men's deodorant can get breast cancer? I love partying. I used to go out with my boyfriend on Saturdays to dance clubs. I am crazy about the fragrance of my boyfriend’s deodorant. One day I asked him to lend his deo to me for just one party. He said that men’s deo can cause breast cancer in ladies. I am afraid of using it. But I could not overcome my feelings. I like to try it out once, only once. Is it true that women that wear men's deodorant can get breast cancer? (I love the fragrance of Old spice!)

A. naaaa! that's just an urban myth. there isn't any difference between women's or men's deodorant. neither of them should cause breast cancer... but they both contain aluminum which is generally not good for you.

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Under the upgrading scheme offered by Alfa Laval, any make of deodoriser can be improved by the addition of SoftColumn technology.
They not only have loos with automatic lids, built-in deodorisers, heated seats and doohickeys to cover up embarrassing sounds but even something to give you a massage while you're sat there.
It's supposed to be a sealed unit but it does smell - despite the deodorisers - particularly in hot weather.
15am on Thursday and stole a box containing 24 packs of Highland Fresh deodorisers.
They have created polar fleece from recycled tyres, fabrics that act as deodorisers when you move and others made from spacesuits - linen-look, but wrinkle-free
Hair fresheners are essentially deodorisers for hair.