denture sore

den·ture sore

(denchŭr sōr)
Wearing away of oral mucosa by a denture that creates an area of discomfort.
See also: sore (1)
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In 1936, Cahn first suggested that acidogenic microor- ganisms are responsible for causing denture sore mouth were Monilia albicans 2.
Denture stomatitis (DS) also known as denture sore mouth and prosthetic stomatitis implies inflammation of the oral mucosa, especially palatal and gingival mucosa which is in direct contact with the denture base.
It is also assumed that nontooth-related oral trauma, such as that from a denture-induced ulceration (denture sore), can permit the underlying bone to be exposed and infectious agents colonize that area, leading to an osteomyelitis (infection of the bone).
: The nature of a denture base: A key factor in denture sore mouth.