denture cleanser

den·ture clean·ser

(denchŭr klenzĕr)
Any product used to effectively clean dentures.
Medical Dictionary for the Dental Professions © Farlex 2012
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Effect of a denture cleanser on weight, surface roughness, and tensile bond strength of two resilient denture liners.
Although many studies have been conducted on many denture cleansers, a conclusion that a particular denture cleanser more effectively removes plaque and stain is yet to be arrived at [8,9].
You can also use an over-the-counter denture cleanser (making sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions) to help remove stains but stubborn stains may require removal by your Dentist or Clinical Dental Technician.
An in vitro study was conducted to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of various household denture cleanser solutions aganist candida albicans.
ACCORDING TO A SURVEY conducted by the makers of Polident MicroClean denture cleanser, many denture wearers are making detrimental denture-cleaning mistakes, such as brushing with regular toothpaste, which can cause scratches on the dentures where bacteria and other microorganisms can collect and grow.
Mese, "Bond strength of soft denture liners following immersion of denture cleanser", Biotechnol.
As with other skilled nursing facilities, we had many reports of hearing aids going through the washing and drying cycles, found wrapped in napkins on meal trays or soaking in denture cleanser, etc., all of which can render the aid useless.
I don't care if you're asked the question or not." For instance, the line of the day might be "Far from being insulated by his aides, the President is out on the campaign trail fielding any questions the people want to ask." If so, spokesmen talk about the President's willingness to be grilled even if they are asked completely unrelated questions: whether the President still seems to be under the impression that Polaris is a denture cleanser, say, or whether it's true that the man most often mentioned around the White House for the next Supreme Court vacancy is best known in his hometown for his firm belief that he is in direct daily communication with the spirit of Frederick Barbarossa.
The objective of current study was to compare the efficacy of denture cleansers and to find out the most efficacious denture cleanser against Candida.
"Private label products own a very meaningful share of the denture cleanser market," says Don Mesite, senior vice president and general manager, Tower Laboratories, Centerbrook, Conn.
A study was done to test the effectiveness of an enzyme-containing denture cleanser. During a 3-week period, 13 patients used Enzydent only for soaking the denture: during another 3-week period, the patients were instructed first to soak and then to brush their denture.