denture adhesive

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den·ture ad·he·sive

(denchŭr ad-hēsiv)
Soft material used to affix a denture to the oral mucosa.
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Zinc-induced copper deficiency that may manifest hematological abnormalities can be linked to some denture adhesives because excess zinc is ingested and taken up by enterocytes lining the intestine.
Many patients use denture adhesives in excess of the recommended amount, which can lead to elevated zinc levels and associated copper depletion resulting in bone marrow suppression and polyneuropathy manifested by numbness and paresthesia of the extremities, loss of balance, and walking problems (Tezvergil-Mutluay, Carvalho, & Pashley, 2010).
Owing to the patient's excessive use of denture adhesive, which contains zinc, serum concentrations of copper and zinc were measured.
If the denture doesn't fit correctly, the patient tends to use more adhesive to try to get the denture to stay in place," he said.o maintain a proper fit over time, patients should be evaluated by a dentist every six months.Abusing denture adhesive could cause nausea, stomachache, and mouth irritation," said Cordero.
Each of the patients wore dentures and had used very large amounts of denture adhesive cream for long periods of time.
Eventually Smith decided no more acrylic and instead suggested Fixodent, a pink denture adhesive. Haag put it on and the fangs stuck.
We use glue to make and hold together books, boxes, airplanes, automobiles, envelopes, magazines, musical instruments, hair spray, bike tires, sand paper, bug traps, shoes, furniture, denture adhesive for false teeth, the heat tiles on the Space Shuttle, postage stamps, and bumper stickers to name a few.
The American Dental Association will not give its seals of approval to a denture adhesive unless the package carries a warning to use it only as a temporary measure.
To make up for the loss of chewing efficiency, denture wearers would use denture adhesive, which has its own problems.
To alleviate the discomfort and to control over the slippage, a denture adhesive may be applied to the denture.