denture adhesive

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den·ture ad·he·sive

(denchŭr ad-hēsiv)
Soft material used to affix a denture to the oral mucosa.
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2,9 In a previous study done on experienced denture wearers it was found that retention of their dentures was much better (87% and 37%) using either of denture adhesive pastes based on polymers (either natural or synthetic).
Assessment of the patient's oral health is a routine part of a comprehensive nursing history, and an inquiry into the use of denture adhesive is appropriate as part of the initial assessment.
xerostomia and informing patients that the proper use of a limited amount of denture adhesive can supplement existing denture stability and retention.
Effects of a denture adhesive on masticatory functions for complete denture wearers--consideration for the condition of denture bearing tissues.
The patient was diagnosed with copper deficiency myeloneuropathy due to zinc toxicity from his denture adhesive.
Abusing denture adhesive could cause nausea, stomachache, and mouth irritation," said Cordero.
The results of the present study indicate that excessive use of zinc-containing denture adhesive creams can also cause copper deficiency.
We use glue to make and hold together books, boxes, airplanes, automobiles, envelopes, magazines, musical instruments, hair spray, bike tires, sand paper, bug traps, shoes, furniture, denture adhesive for false teeth, the heat tiles on the Space Shuttle, postage stamps, and bumper stickers to name a few.
The American Dental Association will not give its seals of approval to a denture adhesive unless the package carries a warning to use it only as a temporary measure.
CINCINNATI -- Fixodent Original , the most popular denture adhesive of the Fixodent line is putting consumers to the test with the Fixodent 12 Hour Hold Challenge.
To make up for the loss of chewing efficiency, denture wearers would use denture adhesive, which has its own problems.
A This is a very common problem and most people rely on denture adhesive, which is awkward and unpleasant to use.