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It has been demonstrated that DPSC grafted on a hydroxyapatite framework under the skin of a mouse produce dentinoid tissue containing type 1 collagen.
The lesions exhibited calcifying elements (dentin matrix and dentinoid material).
Clear cell odontogenic tumor in the mandible: Report of a case with duct-like appearances and dentinoid induction.
Primary intraosseous odontogenic carcinoma with osteoid / dentinoid formation.
The calcifications seen in these cysts, which represent attempts of the root sheath epithelium to induce root dentin, have been identified as dentinoid material.
Odontogenic ghost cell carcinoma displays, in addition to a malignant epithelial component, the classic features of calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor, including the presence of ghost cells and dentinoid materials, which are completely absent in PIOSCCs.
Induction of hyaline, dysplastic dentinoid material or calcified osteodentin has been described.