dentin caries

den·tin ca·ries

(dentin karēz)
Decay involving the dentin of a tooth.
See also: caries
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Following extraction, dentin caries were restored and removable denture was applied to avoid infantile swallowing, physiological and speech problems (22).
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To evaluate the 2% Chlorhexidine efficacy of EGCG on digluconate the dentin caries Anita et al.
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When root caries is a concern, since dentine is more soluble than enamel, fluoride toothpaste is expected to be less effective in controlling dentin caries than in controlling enamel caries.
Use of the electronic caries monitor (ECM) has also shown some promise for the detection of enamel and dentin caries in occlusal surfaces of posterior teeth.
Sealants are not recommended for teeth with dentin caries (deep cavities that extend through the enamel of the tooth and into the dentin).