dental staff

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den·tal staff

(dentăl staf)
Health care personnel employed to render dental services.
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In spite of quantum leap in infection control protocols in recent years, infection control is still quite a dilemma in dental health care centers.6 Present study was done, to determine the level of knowledge, attitude and working habits concerning infection control measures among dental staff of Islamabad Dental Hospital.
Dental care providers and dental staff must wear protective eyeware which must be optically clear, antifog, distortion free, close fitting and shielded at the sides.
* Venetie--2,269-square-foot Primary Care Clinic: Providing outpatient medical services, trauma medical treatment, behavioral health services, pharmaceutical distribution, preventive care/screenings and immunizations, dental treatment, and housing for itinerant medical and dental staff. Force Account utilizing local labor.
Each dental space will have a "12 o'clock cabinet," a specially designed space that is supposed to be more efficient and more ergonomic for dental staff, she said.
DENTAL staff raised more than pounds 5,000 for charity by cycling across the Pennines for the Coast2Coast bike ride.
The lowest sickness absence rate for the quarter ending March 2011 was in the medical and dental staff group at just 1.5%.
In general, the dental personnel involved in the study were divided into four categories, that is the dental officers, dental staff nurses, dental technicians and dental surgery assistants.
Also protected are the dentist and the dental staff. And, if the dentist has taken proper measures to protect the discharged office waste water from mercury, the environment is also being protected.
Mr Cockcroft is the Government''s most senior dental advisor for England and the professional head of dental staff in England and helps ensure that ministers, the Department of Health and wider government receives professional advice on dentistry.
The organization's 650-member medical and dental staff represents all major medical and surgical specialties.
* Inadequate comfortable facilities for the dental staff and students.
Medical and dental staff were more likely to consult search engines at least weekly (82.8%, n=58) or use library resources (62.9%, n=46) than either nursing (38.8% and 16.5%, n=101) or allied health staff (51.4% and 27.3%, n=72).