dental staff

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den·tal staff

(dentăl staf)
Health care personnel employed to render dental services.
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The other concern I had was hearing so much opposition from RDAs, CDAs and other dental staff about having to pay the money that is required to join our organization.
The dental staff goes about their day executing routine dental work while teaching and overseeing the rehabilitation of six inmates.
Dental staff have been told it is vital they avoid the "seemingly cheap devices" and only buy from bona fide suppliers because of the enormous risk to patients.
If the dental care provider, dental staff or patient is allergic to latex, alternatives such as neoprene or nitrile gloves must be used.
A further 17 dental staff - such as nurses - were suspended or had conditions on their work ordered on health grounds.
An integrated tablet in the waiting bench provides patient forms as well as magazines, and laptops concealed in the millwork allow the dental staff to share visual information with patients during procedures.
Screenings and subsequent treatments will be offered for free by the dental staff of the Hamdan Bin Mohammad College.
Therefore, when an occasion arises that warrants input, the dental staff engage in conversations that will encourage the offenders to be amenable to a more realistic professional or educational path that will enable them to have a productive future in society.
He and the Holt Dental staff will join Patterson Dental, with Paul Holt becoming a district manager.
Tyonek--5,300-square-foot Primary Care Clinic: Providing outpatient medical services, trauma medical treatment, behavioral health services, pharmaceutical distribution, preventive care/screenings and immunizations, dental treatment, and housing for itinerant medical and dental staff.
We're learning that our existing roles of dental staff have to change," said Kristen Simmons, RDH, BSDH, MHA, chief operating officer, Willamette Dental Group.