dental research

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den·tal re·search

(dentăl rĕ-sĕrch)
Formalized acquisition and investigation of subject matter related to the dental profession.
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Considering these facts, there is a great need to identify and assess the situation of undergraduate medical and dental research in the context of availability of opportunities and barriers faced by students in carrying out a research study.
Bernier, realigned the focus to oral and dental research. On January 1, 1962, the dental division of the school was completely reorganized and renamed the US Army Institute of Dental Research (USAIDR).
It will immediately become obvious to those already with experience of dental research that the above outline also constitutes the basics of a research grant application.
I cite the BOR specifically because it is the journal of our research society--the Brazilian Society for Dental Research (SBPqO)--and it is not given the same institutional support granted to other journals.
The facilities mean a full range of clinical dental research can be undertaken.
She also opened new laboratory facilities, funded by a pounds 650,000 grant from the Higher Education Funding Council for Wales, to further dental research in Wales.
The company's KF-30 automatic measurement system has been developed to detect and profile the surfaces of different materials using a non-contact confocal measuring technique, and then display the results three-dimensionally A typical application for the KF-30 is in dental research, where the system is used to measure the biting surfaces of dental implants and analyse the resulting abrasions.
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