dental record

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den·tal rec·ord

(dentăl rekŏrd)
Electronic or hard copy of all patient information and documentation kept on dental patients.
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As part of the audit process, the dental record audit NCO would recheck the patient encounter to ensure the corrections were made.
But Gloucestershire deputy coroner David Dooley heard dental records taken from the corpse did not match those held for Mr Khan.
Malaysia: The death of a second Malaysian worker in the Algerian hostage crisis has been confirmed after his body was identified by his dental records and a tattoo, the Malaysian foreign ministry said Saturday.
Yesterday police confirmed that they had identified the 29-year-old using dental records, and her family have been told.
DURHAM oil executive Carole Waugh's body had to be identified by her dental records, an inquest heard.
Experts are having to use dental records to identify twelve unnamed victims.
His body was discovered late on Tuesday afternoon by a diving team and he had to be formally identified from his dental records.
These included the increase in fertility that accompanied the rise of agriculture, with these factors thereby contributing to the differences in the prevalence of dental caries (cavities), A comprehensive review of dental records in prehistoric and current human populations reveals that women have more dental problems than men because of reproductive and fertility factors that seem to be linked to female hormones.
Dental records may have to be used to confirm identification.
The skeleton will probably be identified through dental records.
So far, the Deputy Public Health Minister said, nobody had been identified through dental records.
As soon as the bodies were found, dental records for the Foster family would have been requested.