dental record

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den·tal rec·ord

(dentăl rekŏrd)
Electronic or hard copy of all patient information and documentation kept on dental patients.
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Human identification can be made by comparing postmortem data with patient's ante mortem dental records (including dental casts, cinematographic records and X-rays).4 In the absence of ante mortem data, post mortem dental profiling is being carried out through forensic anthropology to determine an individual's age, ancestry background, gender and socioeconomic status.5 It may also reflect over a person's profession, dietary routine or any dental/ systemic disease.6 The changes observed in mandible and teeth over the time and the variations in the ratio of D and L aspartic acid in dentine, help determine the relative age of an individual.
In a deployed environment, the CDA as an electronic dental record and electronic DNBI surveys proved a significant improvement over paper records and surveys.
A readable dental record is essential for future reference by the attending dentist.
When the local Dental Practice Board asked to inspect dental record cards and x-ray samples these had not been available.
THE full extent of Scotland's poor dental record has been exposed, with one in five people having lost their natural teeth.
Fluoride could be added to salt bought in supermarkets in a bid to improve Scotland's poor dental record.
More than 20,000 people a month are being de-registered in Greater Glasgow which has the worst dental record in the UK.
"We compared 32 teeth, probably half a dozen of them had very distinct fillings and every tooth was consistent with the dental records of Michael Marino."
An inquest at Dolgellau heard former builder Mr Jones' identity was confirmed by dental records.