dental neglect

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den·tal ne·glect

(dentăl nĕg-lekt)
The term describing the decision to not obtain dental care.
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Testing a child dental neglect scale in South Australia.
Dental neglect can have long lasting impact on Oral health: (4,5)
Depending upon the reported symptoms (4,9) and adverse events such as previous attendance with tooth ache, episodes of severe infection, repeated antibiotic treatment in spite of parental awareness, erratic food habits, lack of direct supervision of working parents lead to diagnosis of dental neglect.
Dental hygienist was sent to the house of the child and explained about possible impact of dental neglect on the overall well being of the child.
Although dental caries is a preventable disease, its presence per se, even in children with extremely high caries can't be regarded as dental neglect.
When dental neglect has been recognized, it is essential to remember that the welfare of child is the paramount consideration.
9%) estimated the mean number of missing teeth to be between 5 and 7 in patients aged 35--indicated on the questionnaire to represent an age in which results of dental neglect are obvious and often reversible.