dental literature

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den·tal lit·er·a·ture

(dentăl litĕr-ă-chŭr)
Written books or journals related to the art and science of dentistry.
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A large body of work in the field of patient satisfaction exists in the dental literature. Ross and Duff found that patients return to the dentist for subsequent care due to satisfaction with the interpersonal component of the dental relationship rather than the technical quality of the care received.
Since the book's publication several dozen more have been reported in the medical and dental literature. The types of ectodermal dysplasia are distinguished by the specific permutation of ectodermal defects and precise mode of inheritance.
The dental literature is replete with issues and problems faced by patients, consequent to denture insertion.
The dental literature contains many articles on dental anomalies.
However, in the dental literature there are no oral health data regarding Istanbulian Greek minority children.
The dental literature on CBCT is promising and indicates that more research is required to explore the benefits of CBCT in forensic dentistry.
During the past decade dental literature has stated that one of the most compelling challenges facing the profession of dentistry in the 21st century is developing alternative models of dental education.
Much has been written in the medical literature on why informed consent is important.1 However, there is a limited discussion on this issue in the dental literature within Pakistan, despite the importance of this subject to dental healthcare providers.