dental laboratory

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den·tal lab·o·ra·tory

(den'tăl lab'ŏ-ră-tō-rē, lab'ră-, lă-bōră-)
A facility equipped for fabrication of dental models and appliances (e.g., dentures, partial dentures, crowns, fixed bridges).
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The Regulation Licensing and Enforcement Division (RLED) of the Department of Health (DOH) 11 continues to coordinate with the Davao City Anti-Scam Unit (ASU) in investigating underground dental laboratory operations in the city.
Dental gypsum and dental laboratory supplies manufacturer Garreco LLC of Heber Springs has acquired Pemaco Inc.
Chuck brings over 15 years of experience in the dental lab industry, starting at his family's dental laboratory. Throughout his career, Chuck has implemented novel, efficient and high quality operational and research programs at large dental organizations throughout North America, Asia, and Europe.
[ClickPress, Thu Sep 27 2018] Dental laboratory ovens are used in fixed appliance fabrication and they are one of the vital components in dental laboratories.
analysis, development and advancement of dental laboratory materials, bio-dental and bio-medical materials and radiology.
Following significant growth over the years, the local business has now commissioned its new surgery and dental laboratory space.
These are potential sources of cross contamination for dental laboratory technicians, dentists and for patients.
However, the most rewarding, challenging and humbling job thus far has been my role as the Peterson Area Dental Laboratory Superintendent.
Proper communication between dental office and dental laboratory leads to well-designed pros- thesis satisfied clinician and comfortable professional relationship between clinician and dental technician.
His background includes duties as a dental assistant craftsman, dental laboratory craftsman and first sergeant.