dental hygiene diagnosis

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den·tal hy·giene di·ag·no·sis

(dentăl hījēn dīăg-nōsis)
The determination of the oral health conditions presented in patients with the intent of formulating dental hygiene intervention plan.
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Although dental hygiene diagnosis is a core competency and a standard of dental hygiene care, the term was removed from the Accreditation Standards for Dental Hygiene Education Programs in 2008.
In January 2009, ADHA reviewed all feedback and submitted recommendations to CODA that the Standards for Dental Hygiene Education include dental hygiene diagnosis under its own heading and not under the planning portion of the dental hygiene process of care.
The ADHA continues to support dental hygiene curricula that lead to competency in the dental hygiene process of care: assessment, dental hygiene diagnosis, planning, implementation, evaluation and documentation.
Table I outlines some of the areas that would come under the provision of dental hygiene diagnosis and the dialogue that could accompany the diagnosis.
The collaborative effect that practices attain from embracing the dental hygiene diagnosis is commitment to a team approach of helping patients achieve the highest level of oral health possible.
Reflect on how you, the dentist, your patient and the practice would benefit from the dental hygiene diagnosis.
Tomorrow, with the changing health care environment and more states allowing for direct access, dental hygienists will be communicating the dental hygiene diagnosis to a broader audience of stakeholders including all members of the patient's overall health care team such as physicians, nurses/nurse practitioners, pharmacists, diabetes educators or social workers.
The Standards' Dental Hygiene Process of Care section (p6) states that the dental hygiene diagnosis and care plan includes cosmetic needs that the patient values.