dental health education

den·tal health ed·u·ca·tion

(den'tăl helth ed-yū-kā'shŭn)
Provision of oral health information to patients in such a way that they can apply it in everyday living.
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He aims to improve dental health education through collaboration with local nurseries and schools since most dental problems are preventable with a little bit of knowledge, while his work motto is 'Everybody needs a dentist, even the toothless.
Several theoretical models have been used to guide the development and evaluation of dental health education programs.
The results showed that there was a major decrease in the post-PHP scores compared to the pre-PHP scores, showing dental health education with one-on-one oral health skill development does have a positive impact on the daily habits of special needs patients.
Effect of dental health education on the oral health status of a rural child population by involving target groups.
Be it through continuing education opportunities; through community outreach opportunities such as dental health education with our area school systems; or public relations and support of our local police departments, fire departments, sheriff's departments, and EMS; our team always looks for ways to serve our community.
Address : Society For Gujarat Dental Health Education & Research (SGDHER), Govt.
It was concluded that the prevalence of dental caries and DMFT score is higher in the selected study population so for prevention and control of dental caries continuing dental health education programs should be emphasized for general population as a whole.
The pre-school '3-2-1' dental health education scheme, which has been operational in Northern Ireland since 2002, involves three discreet elements; dental health education, healthy break time snack policy and supervised daily tooth brushing.
Conclusions: The knowledge and oral health practice of higher secondary school students seems to be unsatisfactory and calls for an immediate expansion of health education programs to include dental health education also.
Our duty as members of the dental community in UAE is to fulfil the vision of our beloved country in attracting international dental associations and federations to join us in the global promotion of dental health education.
Wales' chief dental officer has said the statistic of 41% of children experiencing tooth decay is worrying but he's optimistic it can be cut through better dental health education.