dental health education

den·tal health ed·u·ca·tion

(den'tăl helth ed-yū-kā'shŭn)
Provision of oral health information to patients in such a way that they can apply it in everyday living.
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"We work closely with schools in the area to provide dental health education, we screen young children at community health fairs and centers and we've even participated in Rocklin High School's career day highlighting careers in the dental field.
The effect of dental health education on pregnant women's adherence with toothbrushing and flossing--A randomized control trial.
* What is the current status of allied dental health education programs (i.e., dental assisting, dental hygiene, dental laboratory technology), and how are they likely to evolve and impact the dental delivery system?
Role of dental health education in preventive dentistry.
He aims to improve dental health education through collaboration with local nurseries and schools since most dental problems are preventable with a little bit of knowledge, while his work motto is 'Everybody needs a dentist, even the toothless.'
Effect of dental health education on the oral health status of a rural child population by involving target groups.
The purpose of this book is to raise awareness of the integral part that oral health plays in the overall health of children and the limitations of current approaches to dental health education. The authors advocate for a paradigm shift that fully integrates oral health promotion into broader health promotion initiatives.
Several theoretical models have been used to guide the development and evaluation of dental health education programs.
The pre-school '3-2-1' dental health education scheme, which has been operational in Northern Ireland since 2002, involves three discreet elements; dental health education, healthy break time snack policy and supervised daily tooth brushing.
A cross sectional study conducted in Karachi, Pakistan showed that the prevalence of dental caries was 51% which was quiet a large figure and an alarming situation for us.5 This high prevalence emphasizes the need to consider it an important issue and implement various measures like health education, early diagnosis and prompt treatment to control it.6 Among them Dental health education program can be a very effective and efficient choice.