dental handpiece

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dental handpiece

a dental instrument, either air driven or electrically driven, that holds various disks, cups, or burs, used to prepare a tooth to receive a restoration or to contour, clean, or polish a tooth or restoration.
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Dental handpieces

dental handpiece

An instrument for holding dental burs to remove tooth structure or to smooth and polish restorative materials. Handpiece rotations are measured in rotations per second. Handpieces may be powered by electric motor or air turbines and are characterized as high speed or low speed depending on their rotational speed.


Overheated dental handpieces may burn oral tissues.

contra-angle dental handpiece

A handpiece with one or more bends so that the shaft of the rotary instrument is at an angle to the handpiece to reach less accessible areas of the mouth for dental work.

high-speed dental handpiece

A dental handpiece that operates at speeds about 100,000 to 800,000 rpm. The high-speed or ultra-speed handpiece operates with a water spray and may have a fiber-optic light to facilitate better visibility. A water spray is necessary to reduce the temperature within the handpiece and surgical site. Synonym: turbine dental handpiece

low-speed dental handpiece

A dental handpiece that operates at speeds about 6,000 to 10,000 rpm. Low-speed handpieces are used to polish and finish dental procedures.

turbine dental handpiece

High-speed dental handpiece.
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