dental follicle

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a sac or pouchlike depression or cavity. adj., adj follic´ular.
atretic ovarian follicle an involuted ovarian follicle.
dental follicle the structure within the substance of the jaws enclosing a tooth before its eruption; the dental sac and its contents.
gastric f's lymphoid masses in the gastric mucosa.
graafian follicle see graafian follicle.
hair follicle one of the tubular invaginations of the epidermis enclosing the hairs, and from which the hairs grow.
Diagram of a hair follicle showing layers of hair schematically. From Copstead, 1995.
lymph follicle (lymphatic follicle)
2. lymphatic nodule (def. 2).
Naboth's f's (nabothian f's) Naboth's cysts.
ovarian follicle the ovum and its encasing cells, at any stage of its development.
primary ovarian follicle an immature ovarian follicle consisting of an immature ovum and the few specialized epithelial cells surrounding it.
primordial ovarian follicle an ovarian follicle consisting of an ovum enclosed by a single layer of cells.
sebaceous follicle a hair follicle with a relatively large sebaceous gland, producing a relatively insignificant hair.
solitary f's
1. areas of concentrated lymphatic tissue in the mucosa of the colon.
2. small lymph follicles scattered throughout the mucosa and submucosa of the small intestine. Called also solitary glands.
thyroid f's discrete cystlike units filled with a colloid substance rich in iodine; they constitute the lobules of the thyroid gland.
vesicular ovarian follicle graafian follicle.
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den·tal fol·li·cle

a fibrous sac that encloses the odontogenic organ and developing tooth.
See also: dental sac.
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den·tal fol·li·cle

(den'tăl fol'i-kĕl)
The dental sac with its enclosed odontogenic organ and developing tooth.
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den·tal fol·li·cle

(den'tăl fol'i-kĕl)
Fibrous sac that encloses odontogenic organ and developing tooth.
See also: dental sac
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Neighboring anatomical structures near the follicle can have an influence on the dental follicle size and shape.
Ameloblastomas may arise from different sources of odontogenic epithelium, including dental follicle epithelial lining.
Yamauchi et al., "Cementum matrix formation in vivo by cultured dental follicle cells," Bone, vol.
The pathology report described fibrous connective tissue with epithelial inclusions indicating a hyperplastic dental follicle as well as vital bone tissue with mild marrow fibrosis.
Several theories have been suggested as etiological factors to explain why a tooth deviates from its normal path of eruption to become transposed: interchange in position of the anlage at the very early stage of tooth development [23], genetic control within the dental follicle [20, 21, 24], prolonged retention of the deciduous lateral incisor [25, 26], crowding and inadequate arch length [2].
Differential gene expressions by dental follicle needed for osteoclastogenesis, osteogenesis and pressure from underlying succedaneous teeth are responsible for timely shedding and eruption process of succedaneous teeth (3) and several local, systemic causes including syndromes (Cleidocranial dysplasia, Gardner's syndrome) and metabolic or hormonal diseases have been attributed in literature for impacted and embedded teeth.
The dental follicle associated with im- pacted third has potential to undergo cystic degenera-tion and form a dentigerous cyst.
The dental follicle is an ectomesenchymal tissue derived from the neural crest and surrounds the tooth germ.
Stem cells have also been isolated from orofacial tissues that include adult tooth pulp tissue, deciduous tooth pulp tissue, periodontal ligament, apical papilla (SCAPs), dental follicle precursor cells (DFPCs) and buccal mucosa.
This report describes a follicular adenomatoid odontogenic tumour in the mandible, illustrates the clinical, microscopic and biological features of the tumour and emphasizes the importance of the relation between the dental follicle and the tumour tissue.