dental clinic

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den·tal clin·ic

(dentăl klinik)
A facility where dental services are rendered.
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For dental appointments please contact Durans Dental Clinic (1st Floor) 011 2 140 16
For information about the Mobile Dental Clinic, or any of Wheeling Township's services for residents, call (847) 259-7730 or contact Director of General Assistance Julie Villarreal at
Expert Dental Clinic of Ali Zaman was locked and sealed due to non registration of dental clinic with KPHCC.
Based on Jumeirah's Beach Road, Dr Roze & Associates Dental Clinic, provides a comprehensive range of dental services to both residents and visitors from overseas and uses the latest and most advanced technology to deliver the highest clinic standards in dentistry.
His coach brought Richard to be screened by Special Smiles volunteers where he was immediately referred to the PDS Mobile Dental Clinic. After an x-ray confirmed that the decay in the tooth had reached the nerve, it was determined that the tooth needed to be extracted.
Taking into account that most of the orphanages in Azerbaijan have no dental cabinets, Azercell has equipped Mobile Dental Clinics with advanced medical facilities.
Among the sealed outlets include Matib-e-Hani, Zameer Dawakhana, Masood Sultan Dawakhana, Al-Saif Shifa Khana, Mubarak Shifa Khana, Hakeem Zafar Dawakhana, Abdul Waheed Dawakhana, Abdul Ghafoor Dawakhana, Abdullah Dawakhana, Ashraf Dawakhana, Al-Kausar Dawakhana, Al-Haseeb Dental Clinic, Usman Dental Lab, Tariq Saleem Dental Clinic, Sahil Dental Clinic, Pakistan Dental Lab, Nadeem Dental Clinic, Mubarak Dental Clinic, Fauji Dental Clinic, Muhammad Siddique Dental Clinic, Hussain Markaz-e-Haddi Jor, Sajid Haddi Jor, Ali Haddi Jor, Sial Medical Store, Noor Medical Store, Usman Medical Store, Rehman Homeopathic Clinic, Sharif Homeopathic Clinic and Farazia Homeopathic Clinic.
The teams also sealed seven fake dentists, which were: Shamsi Dental and Optical Centre Syed Dental Care Centre, Allah Ditta Dental Clinic, Rehman Dental Clinic, Doctors Dental Clinic, Tasleem Tufail Dental Clinic and Dental Care Clinic.
Kathuria's Multispecialty Dental Clinic had guests in the form of glamorous divas who are the Delhi audition finalists of Yamaha Fascino Miss Diva Miss Universe India 2017.
AT Pennine Dental Clinic, the experienced implant dentist, Dominic O'Hooley, is passionate about helping his patients achieve their ideal smile using the very latest dental implant technology.
Al Khor Dental Clinic will resume after completion of maintenance operations.
The increase in the number of individuals using a hospital-based dental clinic is due in part to the fact that adults report they face financial barriers to dental care.