dental chart

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a record of data in graphic or tabular form.
Amsler c's a set of charts used for the detection and measurement of visual field defects. The charts consist of various geometric patterns, such as grids or parallel lines, printed in white on a black background, with a dot in the center. The patient looks at the dot with one eye closed; defects in the visual field will cause the patient to see irregularities or blank spots in the pattern.
dental chart a record of a patient's dental history and treatment
Dental chart showing caries and defective restorations. Adequate restorations are not charted. From Barsh, 1981.
(see illustration).
genealogical chart a graph showing various descendants of a common ancestor, used to indicate those affected by genetically determined disease.
Ishihara chart the pseudoisochromatic chart used in the Ishihara test. (See Atlas 4, Part F.)
reading chart a chart with material printed in gradually increasing type sizes, used in testing acuity of near vision.
Reuss' chart a chart similar to the Ishihara chart for testing color vision.
chart rounds review of a hospitalized patient's current records by a group of health care professionals. Chart rounds can be undertaken for a variety of reasons such as assessment of patient progress, planning of interventions, or education of staff.
Snellen's chart a chart printed with block letters in gradually decreasing sizes, used in testing visual acuity.
 The Snellen chart is used to assess distant vision. From Malarkey and McMorrow, 2000.
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dental chart

A diagram of the teeth on which clinical and radiographic findings can be recorded. It includes existing restorations, decayed surfaces, missing teeth, periodontal pocket depth, and the conditions of all soft tissues.
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den·tal chart

(dentăl chahrt)
Dental record containing patient information, medical and dental histories, illustrative and written description of existing conditions, treatment needed and provided, radiographs, and other material.
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Forensic experts used dental charts for confirmation following the find at Ballynahinch, Co Down.
The accompanying software presents textual patient information in the form of dental charts. The videodisc, entitled Dental Diagnosis and Treatment System: A Videodisc Atlas, supplies images of the patients, the process of their individual disease, and their recovery after treatment.
Do the dentist, dental hygienist,and dental assistant wash their hands thoroughly between patients or after handling extraneous materials (dental charts, money, doorknobs, etc.)?
Dental charts recording teeth present were created by members of the 111th Quartermaster Graves Registration Platoon as the remains were disinterred.
A cross-sectional epidemiological study was carried out using information collected from dental charts that were obtained from a reference center for the rehabilitation of children with CP, which is affiliated with the aforementioned university and with the Mineira Rehabilitation Association.
Pathologists have been battling to positively identify her because the body was so badly burned, using dental charts and DNA samples from relatives.
Dental charts from missing persons are currently compared manually by staff.