dental armamentarium

den·tal ar·ma·men·ta·ri·um

(dentăl ahrmă-men-tarē-ŭm)
The equipment and instruments used in the delivery of dental care.
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Dental extractions, although often considered the last treatment of choice in the dental armamentarium, remain a common procedure in dental practices in less-developed countries, and in underprivileged settings in general.
Porcelain veneers are a recent and very exciting development in the dental armamentarium.
2, 3 Scaling and root planing out- comes are enhanced when diode laser therapy is added to the dental armamentarium.
As an adjunct to traditional restorative techniques, air abrasion seems to be carving out a place of itself in dental armamentarium.
While reported clinical trials have concluded that articaine is a safe effective addition to the dental armamentarium, there have been reports suggesting that articaine use is associated with higher rates of paresthesia (persistent anesthesia).