dental anxiety

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den·tal an·xi·e·ty

(dentăl ang-zīĕ-tē)
Fear related to seeking or receiving dental care.
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A secondary objective was to explore if demographic factors such as age and gender of the child as well as parents' level of education can impact dental anxiety in Pakistani culture.
A cost-effective approach that can lead to higher patient satisfaction and increased referrals, while leaving the challenges associated with dental anxiety to those practitioners firmly rooted in the past.
A recent study observed that dental anxiety in children is more directly related to dental caries, (9) but there are no studies that investigate the association between the severity of caries and high levels of dental anxiety.
Negative dental experiences and their relationship to dental anxiety.
11) According to several studies film modeling is proved to be efficient in reducing child's dental anxiety.
Reliability and validity of the short version of the dental anxiety inventory.
Hence, in this study, we ask will health locus of control predict anxiety among dental patients at the University Collage Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria, and is there a significant relationship between the health locus of control and dental anxiety among dental patients at the same location?
Determination of scale dental anxiety in patients admitted to Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry.
Answering specific questions throughout, they explain the elements of teeth and mouth anatomy, basic care and cleaning, dental visits, preventing decay and protecting teeth, affording dental care, and children's teeth at different ages (including those with special health needs), ending with discussion of various problems: gum disease, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity and pain, various conditions, orthodontics, tooth appearance, trauma and emergencies, dental anxiety, and oral surgery, extractions, and root canals.
A majority of students in the country suffer from common oral diseases such as periodontitis (inflammation around the teeth) as well as dental anxiety and phobias, leading to absenteeism and poor performance.