dental anxiety

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den·tal an·xi·e·ty

(dentăl ang-zīĕ-tē)
Fear related to seeking or receiving dental care.
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This cross-sectional study evaluated the dental anxiety among patients who referred to Ege University Faculty of Dentistry for different dental treatment needs.
Cardiovascular influence of dental anxiety during local anesthesia for tooth extraction.
Dental anxiety affects up to an estimated 30% of the adult population in countries worldwide.
Fear-fighting behavioural modification techniques such as psychotherapy, systematic desensitisation, reinforcement and relaxation techniques have been used, however, research studies carried out in different countries indicate that cultural and social factors such as social class factors, parenting style and previous harsh dental experiences may partly account for dental anxiety in children.3 In short, fear has been found as significantly associated with irregular use of dental services.
Communication, body language and dental anxiety. Dental Update 1992; 19: 307-309
Dental anxiety is a common problem that pediatric dental practitioners encounter daily.
Several questionnaire based scales have been developed to assess the dental anxiety of patients.
The prevalence of dental anxiety in children and adolescents varies extensively from 5 to 40% [2] and tends to decrease with age [2].
Our findings show that the per capita rate (100,000 inhabitants) for dispensing drugs is very low when compared to the high prevalence of dental anxiety or dental phobia among adults, adolescents, and children.