density gradient

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den·si·ty gra·di·ent

a solution in which the concentration (density) of a solute increases in a continuous fashion from top to bottom, or end to end, of a container (for example, the centrifuge tube in density-gradient centrifugation).
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Caption: Figure 5: Flow field density gradient in y direction of pure spiked blunt bodies.
1) and to identify the anomalous gain in momentum to result from the spacecraft traversing through the energy density gradient of space imposed by the rotation of the planet.
[13] 3D FinFET simulation with Density Gradient (DG) quantum correction model, http://www.cogenda.eom/article/examples#FinFET-dg.
The OptiPrep density gradient solution (60wt% iodixanol) was purchased from Sigma Aldrich.
To address this question, we examined the activated state of neutrophils when prepared by dextran sedimentation preceding density gradient centrifugation with those prepared by steps which removed monocytes prior to the dextran sedimentation [13-15] or with another which totally avoided the use of dextran, the 1-step density gradient centrifugation method.
Separation of capsulate and non-capsulate Bacteroides fragilis on a discontinuous density gradient. J Med Microbiol.
Recovery rates in density gradient were 50.89% on day 1 and 5 13% on day 2compared to 36.69% on day 1 and 37.5%on day 2in swim-up technique (p=0.02).
In Payne's view (1986), the metalimnion may act as a second bottom for the water column, where the sedimentation of particles may be prevented by its marked density gradient. The metalimnion in the Guarapiranga Reservoir water column indeed acted as a second bottom keeping the chlorophyceans Scenedesmus ecornis and Eudorina elegans practically isolated from the filamentous cyanobacterium Pseudanabaena galeata, which was only found in the hypolimnion.

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