density gradient

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den·si·ty gra·di·ent

a solution in which the concentration (density) of a solute increases in a continuous fashion from top to bottom, or end to end, of a container (for example, the centrifuge tube in density-gradient centrifugation).

density gradient

a variation in the density of a solution caused by a change in concentration of a solute in a confined solution.
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Figure 9 shows the progress of density gradient beginning from start of ignition at TDC (0[degrees] CA).
The trigonometric form of the energy density gradient [[partial derivative].
Another method that will improve the recovery of motile sperms is density gradient method in which ejaculate is placed on the top of the density media with higher density.
Detection of circulating tumor cells in blood using an optimized density gradient centrifugation.
However, the heat distribution and thus the density gradients in tropical lakes are constantly changing, these water-bodies being more susceptible to numerous partial mixing events, usually tending to become stratified in the daytime and mixed at night (Lewis, 1987; Sarmento, 2012).
Cattle spermatozoa membrane function changes on gender selection process using Percoll density gradient centrifugation.
Considering the inadequate information regarding the effect of purification protocols on goat type A SSCs and the application of transfected SSCs as an efficient tool in production of transgenic animals, the present study was designed to compare the differential plating and percoll density gradient methods in enrichment of undifferentiated spermatogonia in goats.
To determine how HDL-C and LDL-C particles are affected by testosterone administration to eugonadal men, testosterone was administered as a supraphysiological dose (600 mg/wk) for 3 wk to elderly, obese, eugonadal men before elective hip or knee surgery, and lipids were measured by routine methods and by density gradient ultracentrifugation.
the smallest temperature or density gradient observable, depends on the ability to measure a pixel shift between two images.
Comparison of density gradient and simple centrifugation of equine spermatozoa: Effect on fertility of an oligospermic-subfertile stallion.
9, the cavity density gradient obtained for HDPE increases from 96% to 99%, while that of the composite increases from 54% to 78%.

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