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determination of variations in density by comparison with that of another material or with a certain standard.
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A procedure using a densitometer.
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un·der·wat·er weigh·ing

(ŭn'dĕr-waw'tĕr wā'ing)
Assessment of body volume by measuring a person's weight in air and again under water; loss of scale weight (corrected for water density) equals body volume. Body density (body mass:volume ratio) is then used to compute percent body fat.
Synonym(s): densitometry, hydrodensitometry, hydrostatic weighing.
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Area densitometry program was initiated and shown as table in Figure 1(a).
"There were no clear trends in flu shots, cholesterol screening, or bone densitometry," she said.
The care R.T.s offer now in bone densitometry should include education on bone disease, said Ms.
Individual T scores for L1-L4 on spinal densitometry are usually aggregated for diagnostic purposes instead of using the individual results for vertebral bodies.
The committee was made up of R.T.s active in bone densitometry. They met in May 1999 to develop a practice analysis survey identifying the requirements of practice.
He recommends densitometry for women aged 65 years and older and postmenopausal women with risk factors for fracture.
Serum calcium is measured to exclude pathological causes of osteoporosis, while serum alkaline phosphatase is used to evaluate healing of fractures.[2] These levels are usually in the normal range for people with osteoporosis, except those with secondary osteoporosis associated with parathyroid disorders.[2] Occasionally, these tests are used with densitometry to determine the course of therapy and degree of imbalance in bone remodeling.
Densitometry was used to measure bone mineral density and to perform a vertebral fracture assessment.
HARROGATE, ENGLAND -- Targeted use of bone densitometry in premenopausal women can identify a significant number of patients who would benefit from bone protection, a study has shown.