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Typically, lesions include Haversian canals and lamellar bone surrounded by dense fibrous tissue.
It had areas of dense fibrous tissue and many pockets of fluid and looked like very abnormal tissue.
Hematoxylin and eosin staining was carried out and light microscopy analysis revealed atrophic parakeratinised stratified squamous epithelium underlying connective tissue stroma and dense fibrous tissue with few blood vessels.
Horizontal section of OCT showed hyper-reflecting retinal surface with underlying hyporeflecting shadow due to the dense fibrous tissue and a hyperreflecting band due to ERM.
The histologic picture of small cell osteosarcoma consists of small round cells arranged in islands or sheets, sometimes separated by septae of dense fibrous tissue.
Sections of the lesion showed dense fibrous tissue with nodules of extracellular myxoid material containing scattered histiocytes and stellate to spindled fibroblastic cells.
5,6) Histological examination of cyclops lesions demonstrate a central core of granulation tissue with associated ossified fragments, cartilaginous tissue, and neo-vascularization surrounded by dense fibrous tissue.
A band of dense fibrous tissue stretches over the palm to stabilize the structures that pass to the hand.
They are clusters of abnormal, sinusoidal, contiguous, vascular channels of various sizes separated by dense fibrous tissue with little or no intervening brain parenchyma.
Dense fibrous tissue was present with a large area of coagulative necrosis with areas of haemorrhage.
The pathology of the excised tumor was consistent with aggressive fibromatosis in that dense fibrous tissue focally infiltrated between the muscle fibers (figure 1, B).
Closer examination revealed an apparent gallstone connected to the ovary by dense fibrous tissue (Figure 2).