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have proposed that electrophysiological alterations at the dendrodendritic synapse in the OB could underlie the behavior phenotypes.
The plasticity of dendrodendritic synaptic transmission was altered between the granule cells and mitral cells.
Disruption was observed in local field potential (LFP) oscillation and in the plasticity of the dendrodendritic synapse, either, or both, of which could contribute to the behavioral phenotype in [Prnp.
Altering the dendrodendritic synapse may have multiple functional consequences.
High-frequency oscillations in the OB are shown to result from the rapid and reciprocal interactions between granule and mitral cells across the dendrodendritic synapse in vitro.
1995) Refreshment of odor molecule tuning by dendrodendritic synaptic inhibition in the olfactory bulb.
GCs make distributed reciprocal dendrodendritic synaptic contacts along the secondary dendrites of MTCs and, via GABA release, provide both feedback and feedforward inhibition of the primary neurons (1).