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To achieve the same separation reported for large size gel, two mini-gels with different ranges of denaturant concentrations were used.
For the technique to be successful, different conditions must be found and optimized because the slopes of the denaturant gradient and running times vary for every DNA region to be analyzed; in addition, the long running time needed to resolve hetero- and homoduplexes often produces smears, affecting detectability.
The second criterion was to include genes containing melting domains representative of all possible denaturant gradients, such as low-, intermediate low-, intermediate high-, and high melters.
1-4 show some examples of DG-DGGE analysis on different mutations, grouped according both to the gradient of denaturant used and to the gene examined.
The company was recognized by the EMA for its unique, environmentally minded paint denaturant, BC4200NP.
Variable tested Effect on SSCP pattern - MgCl2 concentration DNA concentration - Primer concentration + Type of denaturant - Snap chilling -