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By contrast, Pattern 3 lesions had ill-defined borders, were not centred on vessels, lacked IgG and complement deposition and in 8/22 cases exhibited concentric bands of demyelinated and myelinated tissue at the lesion edge.
The effects of 4-aminopyridine and tetraethylammonium ions on normal and demyelinated mammalian nerve fibers.
The decrease in impulse conduction velocity in demyelinated fibers is clinically relevant.
Osamy Honmou was part of the team that showed that transplantation of Schwann cells into the demyelinated rat spinal cord could improve the function of the injured spinal-cord axons.
What is needed is restoration of conduction through these demyelinated nerve fibers.
Building on that model, Sejnowski and his team included myelin in their own model, then demyelinated one of the sections and incorporated all the changes known to take place as a result.
The physical basis is no fully understood but the phenomenon suggests that a condition builds up with repetitive use of nerve fibers that have demyelinated sections (where MS has done damage).
The absence of sodium channels in bared internodal axon membranes is one of the reasons electrical impulses cannot be conducted successfully along demyelinated axons.
By two months of age, the nerves were extensively demyelinated, and the mice were more sensitive to pain.
Stephen Waxman, have been studying drugs that might restore function to demyelinated nerves.
In many MS patients the nerve tracts in the spinal cord become demyelinated and present clinical signs similar to those of people with traumatic spinal-cord injury.
Although the neurological symptoms exhibited by the cats were similar to those experienced by humans with demyelination disorders, the disease was not close to the known myelin-related diseases of humans.n cats removed from the diet, recovery was slow, but all of the previously demyelinated axons became remyelinated.