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demurrer (dēmur´ər),

n an admission of the facts charged by the opponent while maintaining that those facts are legally insufficient to establish liability.
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Singh, who on Monday appeared before the standing committee on home, which is examining the changes in the anti- rape laws encapsulated by the Criminal Law ( Amendment) Bill, 2012, demurs.
Montenegro, on the other hand, is the pupil that gets demurs, caught smoking a cigarette in the schoolroom, constantly run from classes but is charming and despite the remarks, it gets a reward.
When they come to him for help in tracking a suspicious character named Vadim, he demurs.
A skylit reading room demurs serenely at centre, surrounded by stacks in the nineteenth-century manner.
It's only when you get to that upper echelon of celebrity that people want to know what you do," he demurs.
Asked if he's glamorized Chinatown's ghetto qualities, Jin demurs that he was simply providing exposure to a little-known ethnic enclave, claiming such critics are the same impossible crowd crying foul were nothing Asian stressed in his work.
Distance runners aren't going to do well on the Atkins Diet," he demurs.