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(dem'on-strā'tŏr, -tōr),
An assistant to a professor of anatomy, surgery, or other discipline, who prepares for the lecture by dissections or collection of patients, or who instructs small classes supplementary to the regular lectures; a demonstrator corresponds in a general way to the Dozent in a German university.
[L. de-monstro, pp. -atus, to point out]
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He said as soon as he reached Salah Salem demonstrators recognised him and started shouting his name.
Saturday morning witnessed heavy ongoing clashes that lasted until the night, leaving about six demonstrators and tens of Islah men wounded, he said.
Some of the demonstrators even accused the ruling military of collaborating with some of the former president in order to prevent his indictment in any corruption cases filed against him.
MUSCAT: The military yesterday shot rubber bullets at about 400 stone-throwing demonstrators and injured eight, one critically, in the industrial town of Sohar, witnesses and hospital officials said.
Some 20 police were hurt in the clashes, including Giza's deputy security chief, as well as around 15 demonstrators.
The firing lasted around 30 minutes and was followed by fist fights between demonstrators and police.
Violence broke out again at the hospital as police tried to detain a wounded demonstrator, resulting in injuries to a policeman and a demonstrator, witnesses said.