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(dem'on-strā'tŏr, -tōr),
An assistant to a professor of anatomy, surgery, or other discipline, who prepares for the lecture by dissections or collection of patients, or who instructs small classes supplementary to the regular lectures; a demonstrator corresponds in a general way to the Dozent in a German university.
[L. de-monstro, pp. -atus, to point out]
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This is more than last week's protest, which drew 7,500 demonstrators, but represents only a fraction of the record 282,000 estimated on Nov.
Each pair included one "observer" derived from a prenatally treated litter (with water or ethanol) and a "demonstrator" randomly chosen from an untreated litter.
Saturday morning witnessed heavy ongoing clashes that lasted until the night, leaving about six demonstrators and tens of Islah men wounded, he said.
Some of the demonstrators even accused the ruling military of collaborating with some of the former president in order to prevent his indictment in any corruption cases filed against him.
The chanting demonstrators had defied an Interior Ministry ban and streamed into central Tehran - an outpouring for reformist leader Mir Hossein Mousavi.
"I was in the protests at the presidential palace and there were news that Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators are on their way to attack us.
CONSTITUTION "The fundamental right under Article 37 of the Constitution of Kenya to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket and to present Petitions to public Authorities is conditional on the protestors or demonstrators conducting themselves peaceably and unarmed," stated Justice Makau.
As reported, the Latvian Foreign Ministry has called on the Russian authorities to free the demonstrators detained in Moscow.
The 'demonstrators' appear to be throwing stones, bottles and 'Molotov Cocktails', so it is nowhere near the peaceful demonstration portrayed today.
The nationalist protesters - led by Tommo and James Goddard - wore yellow hi-vis jackets like the "gilet jaunes" demonstrators in France and demanded Britain leave the EU.
A local source told NINA that about 200 unemployed from the district of Izz al-Din Salim north of Basra, "they renewed the demonstration at the entrance to West Qurna 2 after they despaired of the promises of the official bodies to implement their demands," pointing to clashes between demonstrators and security forces after storming the Demonstrators for security siege , resulting in bruises among demonstrators.