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(dem'on-strā'tŏr, -tōr),
An assistant to a professor of anatomy, surgery, or other discipline, who prepares for the lecture by dissections or collection of patients, or who instructs small classes supplementary to the regular lectures; a demonstrator corresponds in a general way to the Dozent in a German university.
[L. de-monstro, pp. -atus, to point out]
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The articles in this issue demonstrate the unique contributions that political scientists can make to the educational community.
Battenfeld will also demonstrate its Microsystem 50 press.
In order for the crucial role that school counselors can play in supporting student achievement and closing the achievement gap to be recognized and acknowledged, the field needs strong research and evaluation that demonstrate this fact to stakeholders.
You must demonstrate purpose, passion and respect, and must develop trust by conducting yourself with fairness, integrity and consistency.
This case demonstrates that a productive cough and mild dyspnea can persist for years after removal of the exposure.
All of them demonstrate characteristics of leaders with integrity.
Unlike results derived from experiments with cynomolgus monkeys (8), we were able to demonstrate H5N1 viral antigen in several organs of the infected tigers.
The authors, experts in Dalcroze Eurhythmics and co-authors of The Rhythm Inside, acquaint teachers in this book with Dalcroze techniques and demonstrate how to apply movement activities with individual students in studios with limited space.
Some metrics may just help your PR team, while others help demonstrate how public relations contributes to the entire organization.
Artworks are set against architectural models to demonstrate direct reciprocities between art and architecture, presenting a two hundred year history of form-finding rationale.
The program had to demonstrate its maturity by passing a series of tests at each gate that were designed to ensure the development was progressing adequately.