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"It may occur to some," he observed, "to raise the question, why it is, that the lying wonders of necromancy, and magic, and demoniacal possessions are wont to be grouped contemporaneously with the true wonders of prophecy and divine gifts." Bushnell, of course, was not alone among ministers in condemning spiritualism.
shipwrecked in turbulent waters, held hostage by an entourage of demoniacal killers, Zuniga is enveloped by a maelstrom in which his personal agency wavers, flickers, and is eventually extinguished.
His demoniacal fury makes him become a unified Subject again, for he forgets his inner divisions or "childish dread" of the cat.
In an attempt to quell the demoniacal atmosphere which he felt centered around the music in his parish, he had all the pipes and fiddles gathered up and burned (1989: 25).
(44) Therefore, rather than guaranteeing Mallarme's ambition for an 'oeuvre pure', implying 'la disparition elocutoire du poete, qui cede l'initiative aux mots', 'Le Demon de l'analogie', in giving sway to 'the chances of sound-effects' under 'the pressure of the demoniacal urge to "rhyme"', bears the traces of the two projects in which the poet himself was engaged.
The latter transported European discourse of demoniacal witchcraft to the Caribbean with his novel Le Zombi du Grand-Perou, published in 1696 and the first colonial novel in French.
Such renunciations, however, are always already degraded to mere performance--except, that is, for the one that takes place at the end of the film: after Miles's demoniacal boss Herb Myerson hires asthmatic hitman Wheezy Joe to kill Marylin; after Miles, unexpectedly wealthy upon the sudden death of Rex Rexroth, sets out to stop Wheezy Joe; and after Marylin, still married to Miles and unprotected by the Massey, hires Wheezy Joe to kill Miles; Miles and Marylin return to the bargaining table in an attempt to divorce one another amicably.
Lovett, a fright with a fondness for both a demoniacal barber and a street waif.
But they have the same arresting energy, black humour and grotesque artistic effects as Jorn, and similar roots in the more or less demoniacal underground art that has always existed in the Western world.