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(dĕm′ə-grăf′ĭk, dē′mə-)
Of or relating to demography.
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(di-mog′ră-fē) [Gr. dēmos, people + -graphy]
The study of measurable characteristics of human populations. The characteristics may include population size, growth, density, age, race, sex, or marital status. The information may be used to forecast health needs and the use of health services.
demographic (dē″mŏ-graf′ik, dem″ŏ-), adjective
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After screening out these structural impacts, the demographically adjusted trends are identical (by design) through the beginning of the Great Recession in 2007.
In addition, assume that when a youth leaves a facility, a demographically similar youth moves in and sleeps in his or her bed.
The India Shining campaign has struck a deep national chord and is now endlessly discussed and referred to--and not least because demographically India has the youngest population in the world.
The postmodern lesbian: not totally butch d not totally lipstick chic but definitely demographically desirable--and Showtime's banking on it, big time.
But this project is different than the demographically significant compounds of west Little Rock.
Although Hartmann and CWPE support "women's right to safe, voluntary birth control and abortion," they strongly oppose "demographically driven population policies." In other words, they're in favor of making contraception widely available, but against tying it to any national plan to address population growth.
Reportedly, patrons are demographically diverse, and attendance at performing arts events exceeds live professional sports--according to a random 800-household phone survey of attitudes and values spearheaded by the Performing Arts Research Coalition (PARC), a Washington, D.C.-based collective of arts service organizations.
They note that persons with dissimilar partners may spread STDs between demographically and socially disparate populations.
Demographically, those groups tend to break down into two categories, according to the St.
The "gap" that serves as The Education Gap's leitmotif is a catchall for educational inequalities among demographically distinct groups--racial, ethnic, and economic.
From Slovenia, Tobias Putrih's modest maquettes of impossible cinema spaces introduced a moment of utopian imagination to counterpoint the preponderance of works that delved into the anomies of contemporary European life, such as German artist Jeanne Faust's impressive but depressing films sited in Mitteleuropa suburbia and Stockholmer Mans Wrange's study in socially engineering the political opinions of the demographically typical European citizen (forty, single, female, and childless) into a new political orthodoxy.
BDO Seidman surveyed the 36 states in which data were released or were in a form usable for comparison, but it says the collected data represent more than 72% of national Medicaid patient days and are geographically and demographically representative of the nation, permitting broad conclusions about Medicaid funding.

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