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(dĕm′ə-grăf′ĭk, dē′mə-)
Of or relating to demography.
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(di-mog′ră-fē) [Gr. dēmos, people + -graphy]
The study of measurable characteristics of human populations. The characteristics may include population size, growth, density, age, race, sex, or marital status. The information may be used to forecast health needs and the use of health services.
demographic (dē″mŏ-graf′ik, dem″ŏ-), adjective
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Caption: Figure 2: Description of the study population by gender and demographical characteristics.
The demographical indicator places in the category of vulnerable districts L'Eixample, Extramurs and L'Olivereta, due to the demographic aging process, high dependency rate and increasing proportion of population from outside the European Union.
independent samples t-test, one way ANOVA, Pearson product moment correlation (Pearson r) and linear regression were applied to find out the variation in prospective teachers' dispositions of instructional planning and strategies on the basis of demographical variables.
The risk has been calculated for every time interval and it also displays the overall finding with demographical features.
This would outline its implementation in terms of agricultural, demographical and service activities.
Abdullah Al Hashmi, Chairman of the board of directors at Majan Electricity Company, said: "These projects are a part of the company's efforts to expand the electrical network due to the expanding demand of electricity, which represents the growth of the country on both economical and demographical scales.
Demographical properties such as culture, gender and age, diseases, motivation and cognitive functions are effective in determination of physical activity ([section]ahin 2010).
Ay-ry is not a traditional spot for PKK activity; it's a tough city for the PKK to keep militants in, for geographical and demographical reasons.
While one might wonder how the experience of Bangladesh can be relevant to Cambodia a country with widely different historical geographical and demographical background; Dr.
13, the social science researchers of Georgetown University's Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate observed that the demographical story of women religious in the United States takes some disentangling.
Applicants are competing to join the GCCA[degrees]Stat team where selected candidates will work in departments such as economy, social and demographical statistics, research and analysis, information systems and projA[degrees]ect management.

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