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activated only by the absence of an intrinsic cardiac event, used of an artificial pacemaker. See also demand pacemaker.


A quantity of a substance, commodity, or service wanted or required.


1. To ask, claim, or require with urgency or authority.
2. The act or result of demanding.
[Med. L. demando]


To ask, claim, or require with urgency or authority.
[Med. L. demandare]


the predicted amount of a product or service which will be sold at a stated price.

demand elasticity
the responsiveness with which the demand for a product or service, for example for veterinary services, varies with its price. If there is great flexibility there is elasticity. When the demand is the same irrespective of the price there is inelasticity.

Patient discussion about demand

Q. Why is it so hip to be thin and fit???? not everyone can be as thin and as fit as the society demands? was it always like that ? because i feel like if you are gaining a little extra pounds you are doomed !!! people condem you as a less better man in the good case .. in the worst case you won't have friends ....

A. i think that the in the biological way of thinking - people are attracted to what seems healthy, it has more chance of giving healthy child that will survive. in African cultures that food is scarce- being big considered to be healthy and attractive. in our culture- being over weight means unhealthy, but so is too skinny. so going back and forth with a few ponds is fine. but the two extreme situations are unattractive for most men.

Q. My child loves spinach and demands them a lot I wanted to know is there any problem to have them in excess?

A. HELL NO! REWARD THE HELL OUT OF HIM FOR EATING IT! You may also want to tweak it further by introducing him to other healthy dark green leafys like collards, kale, red Swiss chard which he might think is cool to look at; its actually similar in taste to spinach just less bitter! Good for you!

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This in-between category of demandable debt seems to apply well to the Chettiar case.
I have argued that the combination of demandable liabilities and illiquid assets that defines MMFs means that a systemic or macroprudential approach is essential and, thus, that the latter approach is likely to be most effective.
It provides that judicial power includes the duty of the courts of justice to settle actual controversies involving rights which are legally demandable and enforceable.
Sin embargo no se puede afirmar que al alcanzar un sincronismo entre estrategia de negocios e infraestructura de TI, una organizacion haya alcanzado todos los requisitos demandables para implementar un proceso de cambio inducido por un sistema de inteligencia competitiva.
On average, the New York City national banks held about 1/3 of their loans as demandable loans (example: August 22, 1907 New York City national banks held $251 million in call loans out of a total of $711 million--these numbers are in Sprague 1910, Watkins 1929 and Laughlin 1912).
They are demandable debt that participates in the economy's payments system.
Consumers, however, are quickly learning that rather than just buying a new computer, they can improve their machine's performance by upgrading their PCs at incredibly low RAM prices, which have become highly demandable as consumers have moved on to Windows 95.
Would not the post-efforts demandable of John go up?
The debate on Suffolk appears to be just heating up and remains inconclusive at best, although a recent article by Charles Calomiris and Charles Kahn, "The Role of Demandable Debt in Structuring Optimal Banking Arrangements" (1991) supports a more sanguine view of the Suffolk System.
As proposed by the subcommittee, the constitutional clause would read: 'Judicial power includes the duty of the courts of justice to settle actual controversies involving rights which are legally demandable and enforceable.
Under the revised implementing rules and regulations for the use and disbursement of the provincial livelihood development program fund, the use of loan proceeds for activities other than livelihood activities shall be ground for the loan to be declared due and demandable.
The FLD was not an assessment notice as there was no mention of a definite time when the payment is due and demandable," the court said in its 24-page decision issued last Sept.

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