deltopectoral flap

del·to·pec·to·ral flap

an axial pattern skin flap of the deltoid and pectoral regions, based on the internal mammary vessels.
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Reconstructive options include primary closure, local flaps, regional axial flaps (pectoralis major flap, deltopectoral flap) or regional intestinal flaps (gastric tube or colon transfer) and free flap transfer with skin (radial forearm free flap (RFFF), anterolateral thigh flap) or intestinal free flaps (jejunal flap or colon flap) (9).
Deltopectoral flap (18 [81.8%]) was the most commonly used flaps in our series.
Deltopectoral flap (DP) was the most common flaps utilized in our series.
Total flap failure was observed in 3 (13.6%) of our patients as follows: 1 (4.5%) case of pectoralis major flap and 2 (9.0%) cases of the deltopectoral flap. In the pectoralis major patient, overwhelming infection due to the inability of the patient to procure antibiotics could have contributed.
They include the tongue flap, (6) the forehead flap, (5) the deltopectoral flap, (15) the palatal island flap, (16) the lateral pharyngeal flap, (17) the jejunal microvascular free flap, (18) and the cheek transposition flap.
Reconstructive experience with the medially based deltopectoral flap. Am J Surg 1974;128: 548-52.
INTRODUCTION: Deltopectoral flap is a fasciocutaneous type of flap.
So we planned the coverage of defect with deltopectoral flap along with remaining post burn raw area over right upper and lower limb with split thickness grafting.
Among those is the deltopectoral flap, a versatile flap with many potential benefits and few drawbacks when used appropriately.
Various locoregional flaps like deltopectoral flap, PMMC flap, median forehead flap, nasolabial flap, forehead flap, temporalis muscle flap, TP fascial flap etc were used for reconstruction of defects.
Experience with the medially based deltopectoral flap in reconstructive surgery of the head and neck.
Medium and large composite defects require major microvascular reconstructions or sometimes the distant pedicled pectoralis major and deltopectoral flaps depending on the expertise and infrastructure available.