deltoid tuberosity

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del·toid tu·ber·os·i·ty

(del'toyd tū'bĕr-os'i-tē)
The prominence at the middle section of the lateral humerus that marks the point of attachment for the deltoid muscle.
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Disposable, pre-gelled pediatric EKG electrodes were placed on the following sites: the negative and positive electrodes of each deltoid lead were placed parallel to the direction of fibers of the anterior deltoid at equal distances between each other, the acromion, and deltoid tuberosity. The wrist/ finger flexor electrodes were placed parallel along the midline of the anterior surface of the forearm at equal distances between each other, from the medial condyle of the elbow, and flexor tendons crossing the wrist.
Indeed, the posterior cutaneous nerve of the forearm arises in the spiral groove, proximal to the deltoid tuberosity, before perforating triceps and descending to the elbow5.
Stepper motors (Industrial Devices Corporation, Salem, New Hampshire) were used to actuate cables that are attached to the rotator cuff tendons and deltoid tuberosity. Force transducers measured the tension developed in each cable as active closed-loop position and orientation control algorithms controlled each motor, thereby simulating in vivo glenohumeral kinematics.