deltoid tuberosity

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del·toid tu·ber·os·i·ty

(del'toyd tū'bĕr-os'i-tē)
The prominence at the middle section of the lateral humerus that marks the point of attachment for the deltoid muscle.


an elevation or protuberance.

deltoid tuberosity
a prominence on the lateral aspect of the humerus; the point of attachment of the deltoid muscle.
facial tuberosity
a discrete elevation on the maxilla of cows which serves as an attachment for the rostral part of the masseter muscle.
ischial tuberosity
the pin bone; the most caudal process of the ischium.
olecranon tuberosity
the free end of the ulna; point of attachment of the triceps brachii muscle.
radial tuberosity
a rough patch on the cranial aspect of the proximal end of the radius.
tibial tuberosity
prominent tuberosity protruding from the cranial aspect of the proximal end of the tibia onto which the patellar ligament inserts.