deltoid region

del·toid re·gion

the lateral aspect of the shoulder demarcated by the outlines of the deltoid muscle.
Synonym(s): regio deltoidea [TA]
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After the first introduction of BCG vaccine in 1921, it was incorporated in expanded program of immunization in 1974 by the World Health Organization to decrease the serious complications and mortality of tuberculous infection.[1] In India, BCG is routinely administered intradermal at left deltoid region to newborns under National Immunization Program.
Dexamethasone is delivered for third molar surgeries by either oral, intravenous, intramuscular in masseter, gluteal or deltoid region, sub mucosal injec- tion, endo alveolar powder.17 Submucosal route was used in the current study because it is simple, painless, non invasive, convenient for surgeon and the patient and offers cost effective method.5 No special skill is required to give a submucosal injection as essential for intramuscular and intravenous injection.9 Moreover, the third molar surgery is done under local anesthesia so it is convenient to administer the submucosal dexamethasone painlessly at the site of surgery which gives submucosal route an advantage over IV and IM routes of administration.6,9
Through the wires under C-arm control, two small incisions over the deltoid region were made and percutaneously cannulated screws were inserted.
All individuals received a single, subcutaneous, deltoid region ZV (Zostavax) injection of 0.65 mL on the first day of the study, with subsequent blood samples collected and analyzed at 1, 6, and 52 weeks after receiving ZV Subjects in Group 2 were matched with subjects in Group 1 based on age to compare results.
The infant had fever, an enlarging skin lesion in the deltoid region with axillary lymphadenopathy, decreased activity, and inability to bear weight on the left leg, progressing to paralysis of the left leg over a 6-week period.
Physical examination showed a non-tender mass over the right deltoid region and a normal range of movement.
The commonest symptom is pain around the deltoid region, particularly at night.
Today, two clinical phenotypes are recognized: (1) type I (Madelung collar), affecting predominantly males with fat accumulation in the neck, nape of the neck, shoulders, upper arms, and upper back; and (2) type II, which also affects women and is characterized by a female fat distribution in the upper back, deltoid region, upper arms, hips, and upper thigh region, giving the appearance of simple obesity.
Similarly, the entry wound of the second bullet was of 1 inch diameter and oval- shaped on the posterior aspect of the right deltoid region. Its corresponding exit wound was 2 cm away from the entry wound with a two- inch depth.
Sensory blockade of the shoulder block is limited to the cutaneous distribution of the axillary nerve over the deltoid region. Thus the technique offers potential preservation of the patient's functional capacity in addition to the analgesia provided.
When postexposure prophylaxis is indicated, the rabies vaccine should be administered intramuscularly in the deltoid region or in the anterolateral thigh in younger children who do not have a prominent deltoid muscle.