delta agent

hepatitis D virus

a small "defective" RNA virus, similar to viroids and virusoids, that requires the presence of hepatitis B virus for replication. The clinical course is variable but is usually more severe than other hepatitides.
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hep·a·ti·tis D vi·rus

, hepatitis delta virus (HDV) (hep'ă-tī-tis vī'rŭs, del'tă)
A small "defective" RNA virus that requires the presence of hepatitis B virus for replication. The clinical course is variable but is usually more severe than other hepatitides.
Synonym(s): delta agent.
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"After deplaning, Ms Luh first informed a Delta agent that she had been improperly touched on the leg by another passenger.
Demographic and record dispensing data of these users were collected by selecting the search for pathology, based on the criteria established in the clinical protocol and therapeutic guidelines for the treatment of chronic viral hepatitis B and coinfection, (4) considering the ICD B18.1 (without chronic hepatitis delta agent), and ICD B18.0 (chronic viral hepatitis B with delta agent).
It is an infection of the liver caused by a defective virus delta agent which can cause infection only in those individuals who have an active hepatitis B infection or who are a Hepatitis B carrier.
Unfortunately, she forgot to give me a transfer voucher, and the Delta agent said that while my ticket is confirmed, he can't issue a ticket without endorsement from Lufthansa.
It sometimes coexists with the hepatitis B virus as a viruslike particle known as the Delta agent. Very sick hepatitis B patients should have their blood checked for the presence of the Delta agent.
The ability to culture hepatitis B virus is also expected to speed research on the delta agent. Knowledge of the "satellite' virus, as researchers call it, was boosted last week when two laboratories described its structure, sequence and function in the Oct.
The airline said that domestic customers not checking bags can continue to check in with a Delta agent or via a self-service kiosk 30 minutes prior to departure.
In their frustration with the Delta agent's unwillingness to comply with their military orders, two soldiers on board the flight, O'Hair and Hilliker, let out their irritations through a video on YouTube, which received more than 170,000 pageviews.
Earlier this summer, Trainer received a call from Delta agents at the Oklahoma City Airport when another airline cancelled a flight to Richmond, leaving a group of students headed on a trip to D.C.
Delta Private Jets Card members making connections between private and commercial flights at those airports will be greeted at the private plane by a driver, ride in the Porsche to the main terminal, and be escorted and expedited through security by Delta agents to the connecting flight.
Visitors can check in to a Delta flight, receive travel services from Delta agents or simply relax in a dedicated lounge.
"We played the Sugar Plum card, telling the Delta agents that we needed to perform that evening," he says, "and they did everything they could to get us there." Passengers gave up their seats when they heard the Sugar Plum and Cavalier were onboard, and they arrived at Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport with the show beginning in less than an hour.