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To undergo deliquescence.
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That gives your writer the opportunity to hone his prose to the point where it deliquesces into poetry.
The critical debate about whether Wollstonecraft mimics a male voice, aspires towards gender neutrality, or deliquesces into ineffectually female language reflects the inevitable tendency of readers to define Wollstonecraft's innovations within the essentialized gender categories of her time.
Although Old Ben moves, taking shape (a "look," "walk," "shoulder"), he does so only to shift "for an instant into the sun's full glare and out of it" (153), thereby adding dazzle to dapple and achieving an exit that is less "vanish" than "fade" and more "sank" than both: in leaving the "glade," Old Ben deliquesces into the light ("fade") and the water ("sank"), elements that are the chief constituents both of the glade from which he "coalesced," and of the "thin clear quenchless lucidity" (152) in Ike's mouth: