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Denoting a solid capable of deliquescence.
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The process of becoming liquefied or moist by absorbing of water from the air. Ordinary table salt has this property.
deliquescent, adjective
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Having the property of taking up water from the atmosphere in sufficient quantity to dissolve itself.
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(of a substance) becoming liquid by dissolving in water absorbed from the surrounding atmosphere.
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Before the polishing of KDP crystals based on deliquescent action, the surfaces of KDP crystals were preprocessed by SPDT.
For example, if the dust is high in magnesium and chlorine and if it remains wet in an office environment of about 50% relative humidity, one can infer that the salt contains magnesium chloride and is therefore very corrosive because of its low deliquescent relative humidity.
(24) On the other, both Mallarme and Tennyson are saying that the matter-moulded name, in its very movement beyond the texts of this life, leads us beyond personality and in such epiphanic force is liberating, "is no extinction but the only true life." What at any rate the defamiliarization of their naming impulses have in common, we would suggest, is part of an idealizing aesthetic mode that unites Tennyson and the Symbolists, a progress from particularity to deliquescent vagueness, from individuation to amorphous collectivity, from personality to impersonality--the self-annihilating dispersion of meaning, in the "pure work," that both deverbalizes perception and deperceptualizes words.
That deal certainly consummated a disaster at least as damaging to national self-confidence in Britain as the Suez crisis, diffusing the lasting sense that the country was irretrievably in decline, the institutions of government deliquescent in the hands of people altogether unfitted to run them.
Some have ended in or have in their deliquescent state at least contributed to postmodern rela tivism.
Appetisingly he places his pile of peaches and his pyramid of wild strawberries (both from the Louvre), thick as they are with juice and almost deliquescent in their fluid abundance, in simple wicker baskets, so that their humidity is stressed by the thirsty osier twigs, on which they mount in a piled-up flush of colour.
C'est par la que Flaubert commence, qu'il s'agisse de l'education laique masculine de Charles,(8) avec ses rituels de groupe, ou du catholicisme deliquescent qui, au couvent, denature et banalise des l'origine la sensibilite reelle d'Emma Bovary.
Since sodium chloride mixed with materials is not deliquescent or hygroscopic to any great extent and is not an extremely soluble salt, its solubility changes very little with temperature variations.
In his preface, Rosen writes that he wishes to avoid the extremes of 'the paraphrase of selected passages in the language of academic scholasticism and the translation of Nietzsche's already perfervid quasi-poetry into the deliquescent obliquities of postmodernism', whilst at the same time 'attempting to capture something of the virtues' of these methods (p.
care for it; it is not deliquescent enough, not fin de siecle enough for you;
J'ai paru m'attarder sur les ruines d'un savoir deliquescent, dont l'echec pathetique aurait du nous annoncer beaucoup plus tot les prodromes d'une explosion: celle d'octobre 88.
Danby's classic essay on 'A Shakespearean Adjustment' (1952) takes up Antony and Cleopatra's oscillations of scene, deliquescent aspects, overlapping of times and places, and critique of judgement.