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Denoting a solid capable of deliquescence.


The process of becoming liquefied or moist by absorbing of water from the air. Ordinary table salt has this property.
deliquescent, adjective


Having the property of taking up water from the atmosphere in sufficient quantity to dissolve itself.


(of a substance) becoming liquid by dissolving in water absorbed from the surrounding atmosphere.
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Deliquescent desiccants are used mainly in compressed air drying applications, removing harmful water vapor from air lines.
Hermaphroditus is condemned to repeat the deliquescent dying in which his parents conceived him; the parents' union "author[s]" (911) his nominal (the melded Herm-Aphroditus) destiny.
That deal certainly consummated a disaster at least as damaging to national self-confidence in Britain as the Suez crisis, diffusing the lasting sense that the country was irretrievably in decline, the institutions of government deliquescent in the hands of people altogether unfitted to run them.
J'ai paru m'attarder sur les ruines d'un savoir deliquescent, dont l'echec pathetique aurait du nous annoncer beaucoup plus tot les prodromes d'une explosion: celle d'octobre 88.
Their work in the past (Seltz Bar and Felix Gasull, AR March 1994) has conveyed exuberance - the reverse of Dali's Freudian fantasising and deliquescent obsessions.
I'm shaking you awake and you, giving me all kinds of grief, with your right hand resting on the warm density of her hip, your muscles, bones, and joints almost deliquescent in that tiny lake of heat, your eyes resistant to the bit of light I'm bringing you.
Lot 5 modernization of the gas drying deliquescent salts Gas Coolers.
Erbil sauve des griffes de l'EI, accuse par la ligue arabe de [beaucoup moins que]crimes contre l'humanite[beaucoup plus grand que], et Baghdad otage de la course au pouvoir: l'image ubuesque de l'Etat deliquescent consacre la partition de l'Irak pleinement accomplie par l'enigmatique El Baghdadi sorti des laboratoires americains.
What remains are reindeer and sheepherders, a deliquescent service industry, people with second homes and others whose occupations one can only guess at.