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To undergo deliquescence.
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The petals then deliquesce and the pedicel curves such that the developing fruit is pulled back into the spathe where fruit development continues.
In "Messages," he renders the intimacy of country ways and what is lost when they deliquesce in a few pages of stories about his aunt's shopping excursions.
My real politics continue to be elaborated, over years, as I penetrate, recover, and restore the lost intellectual, literary, and radical history of my hometown--one of countless places left to deliquesce in the wake of capitalism's search for higher profits--Lynn, Massachusetts, where I lived until I was close to 30.
In that spirit, David Perkins offers (185): "Though the ideal [of objective knowledge of the past] cannot be achieved, we must pursue it, for without it the otherness of the past would entirely deliquesce in endless subjective and ideological reappropriations.
Such minerals have rarely been studied or collected because they are usually unattractive in hand specimen; moreover, some have a tendency to deliquesce, dehydrate, oxidize, and generally self-destruct (e.