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1. failing to do that which is required by law or obligation.
2. a person who neglects a legal obligation.
juvenile delinquent a juvenile offender; an individual who commits a violation of the law within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court system.

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Q. Can someone please explain the reason for juvenile delinquency?

A. Juvenile delinquency is not necessarily a trait of bipolar disorder, although it is possible for a person with bipolar disorder to act on impulse while experiencing an episode. To use Justins example, shop lifting, an adult in a manic episode may spend all of their money without thought or reason, where a child/youth may not have money to spend which may lead to shop lifting. In a manic episode Justin is right the lines between right and wrong can be blurred, thus the person suffering may make poor decisions and can find themselves in trouble with the law.

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Although these three factors converge on the same finding that family contextual factors and systemic factors have strong associations with each other, and directly or indirectly impact family perceptual factors, family structure as a discrete element does not predict delinquently. For example, research indicates that family structure as a contextual factor is more predictive of neglect than of de linquency.
81-224, which held that a taxpayer, who delinquently filed the required returns during the course of an employment tax audit, was not entitled to relief under Section 530.
Parental stress (for example, "I have seen my son/daughter behave delinquently")