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RADIOTHERAPY Material used to represent treatment field borders.
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Nicosia has signed an agreement to delineate the EEZ with Egypt and Israel and embarked on exploration and exploitation activities for any possible natural gas and oil reserves.
Summary: When Lebanon's new president, Michel Sleiman, and his Syrian counterpart, Bashar Assad, held a landmark meeting in Damascus last month, one of the agreements reached between them was to delineate and demarcate the 320-kilometer border between their two countries.
Cuthbert himself stops short of offering a comprehensive theory, but chooses instead to delineate the diverse nature and sources of knowledge upon which an effective explanation and set of guiding principles must be based.
In a major joint effort to address concerns about classroom assessment and delineate teacher assessment literacy, the American Federation of Teachers, the National Council on Measurement in Education, and the National Education Association developed seven Standards for Teacher Competence in Educational Assessment of Students (AFT, NCME, & NEA, 1990).
The SEC published for comment proposed regulation B, which would implement provisions of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLBA) that delineate the securities activities in which banks may engage without registering as brokers under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 (
The classic microscopic features of KS are intersecting compact, coalescing, and sheet-like fascicles of uniform, mildly atypical spindle cells that delineate either slit-like or sieve-like vascular spaces that contain extravasated erythrocytes (figure 1).
They believe such a system must be built on most-favored nation and national treatment principles, should delineate the rights and responsibilities of investors and states, and should include an internationally accepted dispute settlement mechanism.
Crucial in the debate about the appropriate means of addressing tax shelters has been the recognition that it may be difficult to clearly delineate the scope of transactions that are considered tax shelters in a way that will discourage abuse.
He also attempts to delineate the mint's annual output, a brief exercise that underlines the many variables that determined the actual figures, whatever they were.
More studies are needed to delineate management of ICH.
In this one I'm trying to delineate between teenagers and children.
The discussion of theological terms functions as an important tool for seminarians and pastors who are attempting to delineate specific issues that separate the multiplicity of Southern congregations.