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Pregnancy and parturition.


The human act or process of giving birth; parturition.

child′bear′ing adj.


The act of carrying and being delivered of a child.

delayed childbearing

See: elderly primigravida
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Nevertheless, countries with very low fertility resulting from delayed childbearing could well experience modest rises in fertility in the near future if the timing of childbearing stabilizes.
Dismissed or ignored are many other probable causes that have also proliferated in the last thirty years--including delayed childbearing, smaller family size, better cancer-screening methods, environmental contaminants, obesity in mid-life, and the use of oral contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy.
The data indicated that 61% of the teen mother group completed high school as compared to 90% of women in the delayed childbearing group.
In contrast, the unadjusted differences between the wages of teen mothers and those who delayed childbearing are 24 percent for whites and 16.5 percent for blacks.
is delayed childbearing. There is a misconception that women can conceive fairly easily later in life, although studies show that while only 1% of females under age 25 are infertile, that number grows to 33% at the age of 35.
While teenage childbearing does reduce earnings and increase welfare use for a few years after the birth of the first child, later in life, as her children age and as women who delayed childbearing begin to have children of their own, a teen mother becomes more likely to work, will earn more income, and is less likely to participate in government-sponsored public assistance programs.
She shows that the impact of delayed childbearing, changes in racial and ethnic structure, and migration will create increasingly heterogeneous work force demographics.
The shift toward delayed childbearing occurred among whites and blacks alike.
The findings probably speak to the time it takes to launch a surgical career, leading to delayed childbearing and the physiologic problems that accompany advanced maternal age, Dr.
This recently married patient had delayed childbearing while pursuing a professional career, but now wishes to become pregnant.
Ovulation test devices are especially liked by women who are having difficulties conceiving, and they are also used by those who hove delayed childbearing, notes Stacey Feldman, marketing director for women's health business at Church & Dwight Co.