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Anhydrous propylene carbonate was used as a polar dispersant to delaminate organoclay in mineral oil.
This technique can cause an overtorque, which could crack the spinner's retaining-ring groove or allow it to delaminate enough for the expansion ring to separate.
It cannot chip, peel, rust, rot, delaminate, break, or ever need painting.
ConShield molecularly bonds to the cement particles, It cannot wash off, chip, peel, delaminate or pinhole.
The result is a straight board that nails and installs like wood, but does not absorb moisture, delaminate or split.
The process is particularly well-suited for threading aerospace composites because, unlike conventional taps, the Thriller Tool doesn't delaminate them.
However, SCHOTT found that vials that scored well in the alkalinity test still showed a high tendency to delaminate and could not pass the Quicktest.
Unlike conventional EVOH used in flexible films, Soamol SG372B does not whiten or delaminate when exposed to the high temperature and humidity conditions of the retort process, reports the company.
Additionally, Huber's AdvanTech Subflooring product is proven to achieve a superior combination of strength and moisture resistance - for subflooring that won't swell, cup, delaminate or bounce even under the toughest conditions.
Osterhout uses the word "film" instead of "coating" to describe his products to distinguish them from prior coatings that delaminate.
While 30B can easily be delaminated and dispersed in polyamide 6, 15A, which has a different chemical treatment, does not delaminate and disperse easily in polyamide 6.