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An adverb referring to a group of paramnesias in which there is a perception of familiarity—déjà—for events that a person is known to have never previously experienced; déjà phenomena are associated with neurotic depersonalisation and temporal lobe epilepsy


French, previously Psychiatry A group of paramnesias in which there is a perception of being familiar with, or having previous–déjà–experiences which have not occurred, or complete absence–jamais–of memory for events known to have been experienced by the subject, each of which has been associated with neurotic depersonalization and temporal lobe epilepsy
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Fueron dos vias las que me condujeron a este deja vu.
One of the source papers cited by Deja Vu was by Ian Mudway, a toxicologist at King's College in London.
However, several other uses of deja and gia do present problems for learners, so if the adverbs are monosemous, their semantic representations in different languages must be substantially different after all, an assumption which makes the ease with which the phasal sense, in particular, is acquired rather puzzling.
Ottawa Nov 6-8, Deja Donne, National Arts Centre, 53 Elgin St, 613 755.
When financial trouble forced Deja to shut down its service, company officials approached Google to propose a deal to preserve the Deja archive.
Por su parte, Hector Garcia, ejecutivo de ventas de Sedeloc, justifica por que Acer le deja mayor margen de utilidad: "Acer tiene una publicidad enorme y Compaq no tanta".
Much of the criticism concerns Google's abandonment of the Deja user interface.
Championship leader Kenny McInstry retired with a broken engine but still officially stole the crown of Mintex National Champion from Deja Vu as he safely wrapped up the Championship.
When you have defined your search, click on the "Find" button, and Deja.
888)233-3373; Deja Shoes, (503)6828814; Glenn Foods (Breakthru bars), (800)211-9796; Jagged Edge, (800)9260159; Nikwax, (800)577-2700; No Rinse, (800)223-9348; Original Bug Shirt, (800) 998-9096; Patagonia, (800)638-6464; Quantum's Buzz Away, (800)448-1448; U-Dig-It, (208)939-8656; vauDe Sports (Vaude Wilderness sac), (800)447-1539.
The answer is probably that deja vu or not, absentee works or not, what you get here is a textbook presentation of this century's sculptural thinking, particularly if that textbook had been written, say, in the '60s, before anyone realized how definitively the whole idea of "sculptural thinking" was about to be altered.