dehydroacetic acid

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de·hy·dro·a·ce·tic ac·id

(dē-hī'drō-ă-sē'tik as'id),
An antimicrobial agent used as a preservative in cosmetics.
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The line includes Lintelligence IQ-LL-1, anhydrous multifunctional antimicrobial based on chlorphenesin and dehydroacetic acid with the value added slip agent Lauroyl Lysineto Lintelligence IQ-PCA-2.
(Benzoic acid (and) dehydroacetic acid (and) lactic acid
(Dehydroacetic acid (and) benzyl alcohol (and) water)
(Dehydroacetic acid (and) benzoic acid (and) phenoxyethanol)