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1. To extract water from.
2. To lose water.
[L. de, from + G. hydōr (hydr-), water]
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v. dehy·drated, dehy·drating, dehy·drates
1. To remove water from; make anhydrous.
2. To preserve by removing water from (vegetables, for example).
3. To deplete the bodily fluids of: The hot weather dehydrated the runners.
To lose water or bodily fluids.
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1. To extract water from.
2. To lose water.
[L. de, from + G. hydōr (hydr-), water]
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Patient discussion about dehydrate

Q. What Are The Signs of Dehydration? How can you tell if someone is dehydrated? Are there specific signs or symptoms that may help notice?

A. 2 that I really notice when I am.... When you first stand up you feel dizzy, yet when you lay down you feel fine. My eyes sink back into their sockets.

Q. Why does headaches are a symptom of dehydration? A few days ago I had a headache and a friend told me that I’m probably dehydrated and I should drink more. So I did and the headache was gone…how come? What is the connection?

A. Headaches usually come from the tissues surrounding the brain. The brain itself can not feel pain. The tissues surrounding the brain (meningia) are filled with fluid named- Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF), when you are dehydrated the brain has a lot less liquid that will stand as a buffer between him and the skull. Thus every movement your head does will create pressure on the meningia and that hurts.

Q. I heard that the major risk in diarrhea is dehydration, why is that? How can I avoid that? Are there other dehydration causes I should beware of?

A. vomiting will also dehydrate you about as dangerously as diarrhea fye

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However, Button, who is one of the tallest on the grid at six foot, revealed that he was saved from dehydrating himself by his intensive training regime and McLaren's canny designers, and can now fit in the new rules as easily as his lightest rival Felipe Massa of Williams, who is the same weight as the average 11-year-old boy.
It can be as simple as buying a jar of organic applesauce at the supermarket, pouring it on fruit roll sheets and dehydrating it, then layering on a favorite fruit or preserve to create one tasty fruit roll-up.
It was once thought that caffeinated drinks like tea and coffee were dehydrating, but recent research shows this effect kicks in only if you consume large amounts - for example, more than four cups of filter coffee a day.
If you are not sure whether a medication is dehydrating, ask your physician or pharmacist.
Now Edinburgh docs who treated the woman are warning pill-popping clubbers that drinking too much water can be as dangerous as dehydrating.
Just before Christmas 1994, the equipment was used to begin dehydrating its first million pounds of potatoes, donated by nearby potato farmer David Smith of Hart, Texas.