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1. To extract water from.
2. To lose water.
[L. de, from + G. hydōr (hydr-), water]
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v. dehy·drated, dehy·drating, dehy·drates
1. To remove water from; make anhydrous.
2. To preserve by removing water from (vegetables, for example).
3. To deplete the bodily fluids of: The hot weather dehydrated the runners.
To lose water or bodily fluids.
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1. To extract water from.
2. To lose water.
[L. de, from + G. hydōr (hydr-), water]
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Patient discussion about dehydrate

Q. What Are The Signs of Dehydration? How can you tell if someone is dehydrated? Are there specific signs or symptoms that may help notice?

A. 2 that I really notice when I am.... When you first stand up you feel dizzy, yet when you lay down you feel fine. My eyes sink back into their sockets.

Q. Why does headaches are a symptom of dehydration? A few days ago I had a headache and a friend told me that I’m probably dehydrated and I should drink more. So I did and the headache was gone…how come? What is the connection?

A. Headaches usually come from the tissues surrounding the brain. The brain itself can not feel pain. The tissues surrounding the brain (meningia) are filled with fluid named- Cerebro Spinal Fluid (CSF), when you are dehydrated the brain has a lot less liquid that will stand as a buffer between him and the skull. Thus every movement your head does will create pressure on the meningia and that hurts.

Q. I heard that the major risk in diarrhea is dehydration, why is that? How can I avoid that? Are there other dehydration causes I should beware of?

A. vomiting will also dehydrate you about as dangerously as diarrhea fye

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"That can be very detrimental, because even after 30 minutes of running in a semi-warm environment, dogs can become up to 4.5 percent dehydrated," he says.
His body is dehydrated and needs drinking water to cure diseases.
So if you're walking around feeling a gnawing sense of hunger, you might just be dehydrated. Try drinking a glass of water instead of grabbing a snack.
Show how much kid-appeal dehydrated fruits have by offering some in your store.
Target: Gilroy Foods & Flavors dehydrated and vegetable product business
They told her that she was dehydrated and needed to drink more water."
The guideline recommends that children who are not yet dehydrated should continue to be breastfed if they usually are.
As we stated last month, dehydrated foods are light and compact, and easy to take on the road; just add water.
"Neil Cracknell has played a significant role in the company's success as president of Dehydrated Flavors," said Kenneth P.
The Qmatrix process results in a final dehydrated product that is scientifically proven to possess solubility and stability without the need for preservatives.
It's the same good, wholesome dog food--with moisture removed by genuine dehydration so that one carton of Red Heart Dehydrated equals 2 1/2 cans of canned Red Heart in food value.
Sarah Louise Green's Alsatian cross and Rottweiler were found emaciated and dehydrated by RSPCA inspectors after going without food and water for more than five weeks, magistrates at Dudley were told.