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Representing dehumanized slaves in images of domestic animals [-human], the counter-image of a reacquired selfhood [+human) is established.
Whether grieving for their murdered children and their destroyed homes and crops or smarting at the indignity and deliberate humiliation of the siege and checkpoints, the Palestinian people will not be dehumanized.
It is obviously vital for Americans--empahtically including American Muslims, hundreds of whom were killed in New York--to confront that form of Islamism that is not merely opposed to aspects of American policy, but has so utterly dehumanized the citizens of the West.
However, in CBR's twenty-eight-page pamphlet Why Abortion Is Genocide--available at GAP displays and, in slightly edited form, on the CBR website--Cunningham argues that the definition of genocide is broad enough to encompass fetuses and that "unwanted" fetuses are a dehumanized group comparable to black slaves, interned Jews, and Cambodian Killing Field victims.
Why are the dancers so anonymous, so dehumanized? Anaphase is billed as being a combination of "theater, dance, opera, film, and rock music," but the opera is a song; the film, words in different typefaces projected on little screens.
The South and North, therefore, are portrayed in Grange's first two lives as dehumanized and dehumanizing environments.
Those very, very few losers who lack supportive relationships can be injured to the point that they become dehumanized, hardened, alienated outcasts who have been taught that life is cheap and that they have no place or future in the community.